About Us

A Team of dedicated Professional Coaches

JRT Volleyball Academy is founded by Mr Jerry Teo in 2006. He started with the passion of coaching young children and youths with the concept of coaching proper volleyball techniques and skills coupled with the character building, hoping to bring out the best athletes not just in skills but more importantly in individual’s character.
With his team of coaches, Ryan, WK, Micheal and many other experienced coaches. The Academy has formulated a framework to ensure every athlete has a progressive pathway to support their volleyball aspiration.
Till date, JRT Volleyball Academy has partnerships with various educational organisations in local primary, secondary and junior college as well as international school.
We are proud to have Stamford American International School as our venue partners where we run our private academy to outreach to many young athletes who like to improve themselves through our academy.

Do contact us to find out our program and be part of our volleyball community.


By 2025, JRT Volleyball Academy to be recognized as Singapore’s leading sports academy in development of youth indoor & beach volleyball athletes to allow them to play volleyball for life through high participation & high performance.


We develop well educated sports champions. We foster Singapore as a society realising a healthy, active lifestyle.