Coaches Development Program

Welcome to JRT Volleyball Academy’s Coaches Development Program!

At JRT Volleyball Academy, we believe that the key to fostering excellence in the sport of volleyball lies in the development of our coaches. After all, we can only coach what we know as coaches. To make a significant impact on the volleyball community, we understand the importance of nurturing and enhancing the skills and knowledge of our coaching staff.

Our Philosophy

“We can only coach what we know as a Coach. To impact 50 players, you need a coach. To impact 500 players, an academy needs to develop 10 coaches. That’s how developmental volleyball programs can create a lasting impact in the volleyball community.”

Our Commitment

Since our inception in 2006, JRT Volleyball Academy has been dedicated to providing our coaching staff with the best practices in developing kids and youth volleyball training. To achieve this, we have established a robust Coaches Development Program that encompasses various aspects of coaching, including skill development, strength and conditioning, and injury prevention.

Overseas Development Programs

In 2022, we launched our first overseas development program in Thailand. Nine of our coaches had the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the best practices of junior high, high school volleyball sports schools, and university volleyball teams in Bangkok. This experience allowed our coaching staff to gain valuable insights into the development of young volleyball talent at an international level.

Building on the success of our Thailand program, in 2023, we organized another overseas development program, this time in Japan. Five of our lead coaches, all with a minimum of FIVB Level II or CoachSG Level II Theory accreditation, embarked on a seven-day journey to Hokkaido, Japan. During this program, they visited various levels of volleyball schools and academies, from elementary to junior high schools, to understand and learn the best practices employed in Japan’s volleyball community.

FIVB International Accredited Certification

One of the highlights of our academy is our affiliation with FIVB International. Our certification program is accredited by FIVB, which means our coaches receive training and education that meets the highest international standards in volleyball coaching.

Internship Development Program

JRT Volleyball Academy offers exciting internship opportunities for students interested in the fields of sports coaching, fitness, and management. We are proud to collaborate with esteemed educational institutions such as Republic Polytechnic and the Institute of Technical Education to foster the development and training of a new generation of coaches who will shape the future of sports. Our internship program provides hands-on experience, mentorship, and a pathway for aspiring individuals to embark on a rewarding career in the world of sports.

Join Our Coaches Team

We invite coaches and aspiring coaches who are passionate about volleyball to become a part of our Coaches Development Program. Together, we can continue to raise the standard of coaching in the volleyball community, ultimately benefiting young athletes and the sport as a whole.

Join JRT Volleyball Academy’s Coaches Program today and be a part of the transformation of volleyball coaching!

For inquiries and further information, please contact us at 94597234 or Together, we can make a difference in the world of volleyball coaching!