Essential Duties

  1. Requirement: Min 16 year old
  2. Able to assist Head Coach in executing training and exercise.
  3. Upon successful enrollment to our trainer program. Individual will have to undergoing several certifications program
    1. First Aid & AED
    2. Values & Principle in Sports (VPS)
    3. National Registry of Coaches (NROC)
  4. Roles & Responsibility of Volleyball Trainer
    • Organize and manage an effective school volleyball program in association with Head Coach.
    • Assist Head Coach to train volleyball team by providing technical, non-technical and administrative support.
    • Participate in all internal and external volleyball games and provide support and efficient feedback to team.
    • Participate in all coach meetings at various levels and organizations to keep track of latest information and techniques regarding games.
    • Recruit and coach student athletes regularly and ensure that all student athletes take part in practice sessions regularly.
    • Monitor academic progress of student athletes and facilitate participation in summer camp according to institute’s rules and regulations.
    • Monitor academic performance and general behaviour of student athletes to ensure students perform their studies along with active involvement in volleyball games.
    • Organize, conduct, and evaluate individual and team practices, training sessions and various competitions on regular basis to ensure team’s progress.
    • Train student-athletes in fundamental volleyball mechanics and techniques and review performance of individual players for providing feedback.
    • Assist and provide guidance to all volleyball players on court and ensure players receive adequate professional support.
    • Assist Head Coach to maintain equipment inventory for volleyball.
    • Provide guidance and counselling to student-athletes on athletic, academic and personal issues as required.
    • Develop and implement strategies to develop effective student athletes’ physical fitness.
    • Administer team and facilitate spirit of sportsmanship, social development, and positive relationship in student athletes.
    • Prepare and circulate press release to media as part of media and communication strategy.

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